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Listening room short wall
Listening room

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ATC SCM100 ASLT - short wall speaker placement
ATC SCM100 ASLT - short wall placement

ATC SCM100 ASLT - previous long wall speaker placement
Listening room

SCM100 ASLT, pre diffusers, long wall placement (grilles shown removed but left fitted when listening)
ATC SCM100 ASLT in room

ATC SCM100 ASLT - all drivers designed and built 'in house' by ATC
SCM100 drivers

ATC SCM19s with Benchmark AHB2 monos - loved this setup.....but the big SCM100's beckoned!
SCM19 & AHB2

Mac Mini, Benchmark DAC3 and HPA4 preamp
HPA4 and DAC3

Focal Utopia, custom DIY cable using Kimber TCSS
Focal Utopia custom TCSS cable

TNT with Grace G-1040
TNT with Grace G-1040

103R in Ebony body
Uwe 103R

Uwe Panzerholz and Midas Aluminium DL103R
panzerholz and Al 103R

Denon 103R in Potted Midas body, Soundsmith ruby cantilever/OCL stylus

Potted Midas

closeup potted midas

First posted December 2000
Last updated June 2019